Medicine on behalf of the more professional or more lay Fried - traditional Chinese medicine on behalf of the frying - the pharmaceutical industries
In recent years, with the popularity of Chinese medicine health, many young people began to close in Medicine Many of them have joined the force in Chinese medicine to drink. In order to meet the fashion needs of today's youth nowadays, whether hospitals or pharmacies, have introduced a generation of fried Chinese medicine services.

Chinese medicine health care for the Olympics hold up a blue sky - in medicine, the Olympics, acupuncture - the pharmaceutical industry
Our traditional Chinese medicine for the first time into the Olympic medical security system, subject to a number of officials and athletes welcome the athletes the past few days also often have long queues compete in Beijing Olympic Village experience Chinese traditional medicine scene. At present, Shanghai, Shenyang, Qingdao, Tianjin and other cities in the Olympic co-host Traditional Chinese Medicine System has also been fully put into the work of the Olympic medical protection, stands ready to provide efficient, professional quality of this service.

Ginseng Industry of China to increase competition in a number of foreign products - ginseng, products, competition - the pharmaceutical industry
Recently, South Korea canceled the ginseng monopoly management. This change in industrial policy, will break the old pattern of international competition, once again for our ginseng to provide equal opportunity to compete. All along, China is a big country ginseng, ginseng but not sales, profit power. To this end, the Government should fully play its role in macroeconomic regulation and control and establishing a market economy management system to improve the overall competitiveness of ginseng industry

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